Brains Over Brawn: Neuromanagement is Crushing Traditional Leadership Tactics

Attention, leaders! If the phrase “old habits die hard” describes your management style, prepare for a rebirth. Neuromanagement is your cheat code for leadership, and no, you don’t need a neuroscience degree to level up. Ready? Let’s go!h.

Tips and Tricks for 21st Century Managers

1. Get the Emotional Temperature Right

Simple Takeaway: A good atmosphere makes work enjoyable and productive.

Quick Tip: Have a regular ‘mood check-in’ at the start of team meetings. Ask everyone how they’re doing and pay attention to the responses. It’s a fast, straightforward way to sense the room and adjust your approach.

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2. Use Facts, Not Just Your Gut

Simple Takeaway: Data-backed decisions are often more reliable than gut feelings.

Quick Tip: Use project management software that tracks team performance metrics. Make a habit of consulting these stats before making major decisions.

3. A Little Praise Goes a Long Way

Simple Takeaway: Recognition boosts morale and performance.

Quick Tip: Implement a ‘Star of the Week’ program. Publicly praise a different team member in each meeting for a job well done, and perhaps offer a small reward.

4. One Thing at a Time, Please!

Simple Takeaway: Focusing on one task at a time leads to better results.

Quick Tip: Use project management tools to break tasks into smaller chunks. Assign these to team members and schedule a follow-up to gauge progress.

5. Work in Bursts, Then Take a Break

Simple Takeaway: Work quality improves when we take short breaks.

Quick Tip: Introduce the Pomodoro Technique: 25 minutes of focused work followed by a 5-minute break. Encourage your team to step away from their desks during the break.


Being a manager in the modern world means adapting and evolving. By understanding just a smidgen about how the human brain works, you can transform from a good manager into a brilliant one. Give ‘smart love’ a try and watch your team blossom.


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