The No BS* Workplace (*Burnout & Stress)

About This Program

The future of work is here and BS (burnout & stress) is taking a devastating toll on workers, from the floor to the C-Suite. Even the World Health Organization now recognizes burnout as an occupational health issue. With labor shortages on the rise and resignations in freefall, employers are finally taking the employees’ mental health and emotional wellbeing seriously. Mitigating burnout, relieving chronic stress, and better connecting employees with their work Hear from Future of Work Global Thought Leader Ira S Wolfe on how to align company and employee expectations in a new world of work.

Ira S Wolfe

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Business Executives


HR Leaders


IT Leaders

What Participants will Learn


How to recognize burnout and stress before they drive your employees (and candidates) away


Recognize the top 5 company environmental dimensions impacting your employee experience


Tips to create a meaningful employee experience that aligns people and purpose

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