The Everywhere Workplace In A Never-Normal World

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Remember the good old pre-pandemic days when people woke up, showered, got dressed, crawled through long commutes, and searched for a coveted parking spot, just so that they could sit at a desk in a building to do work? Today, workers demand flexibility – to work from everywhere, anywhere, at any time. Building an Everywhere Workplace is not just an essential talent strategy but a business growth strategy too. Work in this Never-Normal era is filled with new opportunities and landmines. During this presentation, Future of Work global thought leader Ira S Wolfe will share new research on what employees prefer and how to strike the right balance between remote, in-person, and hybrid workplaces.

Ira S Wolfe

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Business Executives


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What Participats Will Learn


Future of Work and Everywhere Workplace Trends


Benefits and PitFalls of Hybrid & Remote Work


Employee Experience as a Top Priority

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