• Accleration of Work

    Humans Need Not Apply

  • The perfect presentation for:

    • Business Executives
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • Economic Development
    • Human Resources
    • Recruiters
    • School and University administrators
    • Government Officials
    • Parents
    • Working Adults
    • Students
  • Whether it is business planning or job creation, disruptive technology is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. The lines between the workplace and science fiction are becoming blurred. The change it causes does not have an on-off button and you can’t press rewind. During this keynote, Ira S Wolfe paints a vivid picture of future jobs, work, and the workplace where the machines are turning into the workers. A viable solution defies conventional wisdom as well as economic and workforce planning…and that’s where Ira’s fresh way of thinking and growth mindset captivates and motivates his audience to make change work for them.

    What participants will learn:

    • Why disruptive technology can’t be treated casually anymore
    • Why the impact of exponential change is humanly incomprehensible
    • Why conventional job creation and workforce planning will fail
    • What business, schools, and communities must do
    • To challenge widely held assumptions and spark pivotal conversations

     Here's a preview (recorded at AcceleratePHL 2016)