An Exclusive Interview

The Never Normal Recruiting Future with Matt Alder

Perhaps the only thing that is clear about the future is that it will involve a lot of uncertainty, disruption and change. As we’ve heard from all of my recent guests on the show, talent acquisition transformation is now happening in ways we could not have predicted 18 months ago. So what can Talent Acquisition leaders do in 2022 to help their teams navigate an ever more volatile business landscape? My guest this week is Ira Wolf. Ira is President of Success Performance Solutions and a well-known author, speaker and commentator on the changing world of work. In our conversation, Ira shares some valuable perspectives on what employers can do to support their employees to make the behavioural changes needed to be effective in our new never normal.

In the interview, we discuss:

The perfect storm that has been brewing for years

Why we are living on an exponential curve of change

Complexity with no predictability

Resistance to behavioural changes

How can employers accelerate change to match the exponential landscape?

Being comfortable being uncomfortable

Abilities, character and environment

The importance of company culture

Grit and resilience

Teaching people to unlearn

How does talent acquisition need to change

What increases the effectiveness of technology?

What can we expect in 2022

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