An Exclusive Interview

Recruiting in the Modern Time with Ira Wolfe

Today, on The Employer Blueprint podcast writer, podcast host and HR expert Ira Wolfe joins the discussion. To discuss how business leaders can best adapt in the era of googlization regards to HR recruitment and talent acquisition. After years of working with consultants, trainers and business Wolfe had has a first hand look on how companies can improve HR recruitment. The discussions leads into the difficulties small business’s have in regards to how best attack and develop their recruiting. Key fundamental problems Wolfe has seen through the last several decades is poor management, community engagement and a lack of employee development. Ira has also experienced this personally in regards from managing several different business’s and switching into different fields. Currently his focus on employee hiring assessments which allows him diagnosis these key issues found in HR hiring. Leading to a key solution from hiring side of finding employees with transferable and adaptable skills. This realization is important for recruits to realize as we enter an era of adaptability. One of the key skills in adaptability in unlearning, reflecting and applying new skills to your trade. A greta example is remote working forcing the workforce to be adaptable with technology essentially becoming their own IT department. Wolfe dives further into the topic of business learning to adapt in the era of googlization.