An Exclusive Interview


Today, on the Lead With Impact podcast chief googlization officer Ira Wolfe and founder of Success Performs Solutions which helps companies recruit and higher faster. Here he talks about the changes on how people recruit in the age we live in. He recites an excellent example of how in 1970 to get a job you had to type write a resume, knock on doors and drop your application off. The recruitment and higher process has not changed much considering the exact process is just online and faster. What has changed though is the way people apply and search for jobs. For example, if you had a bad day at work you can use sites like Indeed look for the jobs you want, save the resume on file and apply to a 100 different jobs at once. The problem Wolfe talks about and expands how recruiting needs to improve in the age of googlization is that HR(human resources) has stuck to the same process and accommodating the old system. In regards to the system built to just sift through all the applications. In regards too failing to create a way to best engage with applicants wanting them to make a true commitment to go through the application process. Unless you have a great employee brand and costumer service brand applicants will over look your application and just apply to the next job available. Wolfe does reiterate the “the bar is so low you fall over it”, meaning any incremental change will create a much more engaging process for applicants. The podcast highlights key problems within HR recruitment and what are the best solutions to move forward in the age of googlization.

* How our changing world has affected recruiting

* How job search has changed

* Getting rid of the HR black hole

* How smartphones changed the game

* How companies can adapt to the current environment

* Recruiting is marketing

* Why recruiting is about changing mindsets

* How the pandemic has affected recruiting

* The importance of adaptability

* When the shift hits your plan