An Exclusive Interview

Recruiting in the Age of Googlization | JoyPowered

In episode 128 of “The JoyPowered® Workspace Podcast,” JoDee and Susan discuss recruiting with the author, speaker, and podcaster Ira Wolfe.

Ira defines “Googlization” as the convergence of people, technology, and business. For a number of reasons – not just the pandemic-related ones, but also incarceration, opioids, and baby boomers leaving the workforce – there are more jobs than people. There are also fewer people with the skills we need. It’s important to understand that hiring is hard, you need to become better at it, and there’s no quick fix.

McKinsey recently released a report discussing distinct elements of talent, or DELTAs – the specific skills that make people employable, lead to job satisfaction, and lead to productivity. Those skills aren’t the skills that are being taught – they’re the soft skills, like adaptability. If you can identify what those DELTAs are, you can move people from one position to another if needed.

In many ways, technology has hurt the candidate experience; you need to use it intentionally. You’ll lose candidates if your application takes too long. Eliminate the “HR black hole” – don’t just send a cold, corporate response to candidates. And evaluate your ATS and the questions you’re asking. Just because it’s a popular ATS or a common question doesn’t mean it’s good in this environment. Understand that the talent acquisition process is a bad process – the bar’s so low you can fall over it. So it doesn’t take a lot; just do one step at a time.