An Exclusive Interview

Learn To Unlearn: Developing Adaptability With Ira Wolfe

Today, on the Positive Productivity Podcast with Penny Zenker Ira Wolfe, the President and Chief Googlization Officer of Poised for the Future Company joins the podcast to discuss how to develop adaptability in the age of Googlization. Ira highlights a key skill of being bale to unlearn skills that are rather obsolete in whatever industry you work for.

Citing a key example of this in today world is being able to unlearn old in office work habits and how to learn new remote work from home skills. You have to figure how to set up a reliable internet server, home computer set up, and best use a webcam to look presentable. The way circumstances change within an industry requires us to unlearn old skills and adapt to more necessary skills required for the times we are in.

The topic as a whole revolves around adaptability and having the correct belief system in oneself or a companies culture to feel confident to learn any new skill. Wolfe feels strongly that yes it is human nature to be resistant to uncertainty and anything new in our lives. One must embrace it though it though to avoid feeling burn or stress trying to control things out of our control. Ira continues to dive into adaptability and key solutions for employees and businesses that are being practiced.