An Exclusive Interview

Create a Safe Workplace for Your People – Ira S Wolfe

When you help people take that first step, they become more confident. When they are more confident, then all of a sudden the world seems a little brighter and they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. ” Ira Wolfe

The past year turned out to be very unconventional for the majority of people with the workplace being most affected. The outcomes of various events most especially the Covid-19 pandemic, altered the normal work routines of many if not all companies which led to a large number of people to move to work remotely. The dilemma facing many leaders now is how they will move forward considering their new operating realities with regard to work locations. According to Ira Wolfe, the answer is very simple and involves managers building safe workplaces and work spaces for their people to work and thrive.

In today’s episode, Ira Wolfe will discuss more how the work environment has evolved and how managers can take advantage of the opportunities available to grow people as well as their companies. We will also discuss how to navigate through the uncertainty that characterizes the current work environment.

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