An Exclusive Interview

Adaptability, VUCA, & Leadership with Ira S Wolfe

Do your employees have the ability to grow and thrive in an uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world? Do they feel “safe” enough to grow, learn, and succeed?

Adaptability has become everyone’s job according to Top HR and Future of Work Influencer Ira S Wolfe. It’s also a 2-way street: individuals need to become more comfortable being uncomfortable and organizations need to create a company culture that encourages and grows adaptability. In this interview with Tom Slighting, Ira talks about the impact of VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous), accelerating exponential change, 4 stages of adaptability, employee wellbeing, mental health, wellness, change management, job skills, grit, resilience, mental flexibility, and the impact of the work environment and company culture on growth and innovation.

Ira Wolfe was recently selected by Engagedly and Thinkers 360 as one of the Top HR Influencers.