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The Perfect Labor Storm with Ira S. Wolfe


BCF ORG Podcast – The Business of Business


In Episode 67, Ira S. Wolfe discusses The Perfect Labor Storm.

Ira S. Wolfe is a dynamic thought leader on the future of work and HR, recognized as one of Thinkers 360’s Top 5 Global Thought Leaders in the space. With over three decades of experience as an author, speaker, and consultant, Ira has become a leading voice in the industry, known for his insightful and engaging presentations, articles, and podcasts.

Ira is a TEDx Speaker, a frequent contributor to Forbes and Medium, and has been featured in Wall Street Journal, INC Magazine, Fast Company, Business Week, American Express OPEN, NFIB, Inc., Intuit Small Business, and Fox Business. He is also the author of five other books, including Perfect Labor Storm and Understanding Business Values and Motivators.

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