Resilience is for "Sissies"

Adaptability is Your Mojo!

Increase Your Adaptability Quotient, Grow Stronger

Humans are standing in deep SHIFT. The lines are blurring between science fiction and reality, Uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are now everyone day occurrences and a lot of people (and organizations) are struggling. Managing change is now everyone’s job and resilience is often offered as the holy grail for survival.  But in a VUCA world, resilience is for “sissies.” It’s not enough to help you grow stronger. Fortunately, we now know that AQ (adaptability quotient)  does work and it can be learned and improved just like EQ and IQ.  Whether you are the leader in your organization or an employee seeking to protect your job from a machine, adaptability must be part of your work-life DNA. During this presentation, author and AQ expert Ira S Wolfe will share why AQ is listed in the top 5 in-demand job skills for the next decade, identify the evidence-backed 15 dimensions that separate survivors from thrivers, how to turn uncertainty into opportunity and learn tips to boost your organizational and personal AQ.

What Participants will Learn
  • Why HBR declared adaptability to be the new competitive advantage.
  • 8 reasons adaptability matters more than ever.
  • 5 essential AQ abilities anyone can improve.
  • Tips to boost your personal and organizational AQ.

The perfect presentation for

Business Executives




Government Officials




Human Resources


School and University Administrators


Economic Development


Chambers of Comomerce


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